Jean-Jacques Radelet

Former Belgian Off-Road rally champion, but also official pilot of the Morocco Racing Team Red Bull, he creates as he breathes… At the same time adventurer, entrepreneur and a multifaceted organiser. Its principle is simple, the world is beautiful, the most beautiful thing we can do in our lives is to discover it.

Mimie Levêque

On the basis of Jean-Claude’s tracks, it produces the road books of the greatest Rally-Raid. She is also a specialist in the development and programming of the GPS Road Book electronic TRIPY. Its know-how guarantees the precision and safety of our circuits.

Jean-Claude Kaket

His involvement in the organization of automotive events is not new, he is the sports director at the heart of the Morocco Desert Challenge (MDC) which is on the way to becoming the largest Rally-Raid in the world. The elaboration of the itinerary is the starting point of his reflection. There is no equivalent to the circuits proposed by Jean-Claude because he creates them from scratch.


An international event reserved for vintage cars..

Like Marco Polo or Vasco de Gama, it is the blood of an explorer that flows through the veins of our Road-Book creators.
So when the call of the sea is heard, they don’t have to wait to hear it.
These enthusiasts never tire of travelling around Morocco to better share their discoveries with you!
Passionate about old cars, unusual landscapes, wide open spaces, gastronomy, I suggest you discover a Morocco that will take you to another world, mystical and enchanting.
The experience of a lifetime!

Le MILLE MAROC is a tourist-oriented rally, a journey of discovery, without any notion of speed and time, in complete relaxation, with the idea of bringing together amateurs and experts for a Road-Trip in our most beautiful regions of Morocco and sharing warm and very friendly moments as a couple or with friends on roads with breathtaking landscapes, in the heart of a preserved nature and at the wheel of mythical cars, in complete safety and without worries.
Here the key word is relaxation and friendliness and the aim is to chat with new friends while discovering typical and often unknown places where every moment is appreciated.

Le MILLE MAROC seeks to revive the concept of Grand Tourism with a philosophy of travel, lifestyle and passion.
« The traveller sees what he sees, tourists see what they have come to see «
An unusual journey to the most beautiful Moroccan landscapes combining desert, mountains, Atlantic or Mediterranean coast, an itinerary with 1000 bends where every moment is appreciated and where urgency has no place.
This event is the auto classic gathering.

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